Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Achieving SOC Certainty

Expose, investigate and shut down attacks faster, with 99.9% precision across network, cloud, endpoint, mobile and IoT. These same intelligence and investigation tools are used by Check Point Research and are now available for you.


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Watch the Product Tour

Watch the Product Tour

Watch the on-demand video to get a first-hand experience
of all the features and capabilities of Infinity SOC.


Infinity SOC

Because SOC Teams Deserve Certainty

For many SOC teams, finding malicious activity inside the network is like finding a needle in a haystack. They are often forced to piece together information from multiple monitoring solutions and navigate through a daily overload of alerts with little or no context. The result: critical attacks are missed until it’s too late.

Infinity SOC provides your team with the certainty it needs to expose and shut down attacks faster, before damage spreads. Easily deployed as a unified cloud-based platform, it increases security operations efficiency and ROI.

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99.9 % Precision

Expose and shutdown only
real attacks

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Rapid Investigation

With the industry’s most
powerful threat intelligence

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Zero Friction

No deployment, integration and
privacy pains

Expose and Shut Down only REAL ATTACKS

Across Network, Cloud, Endpoint, Mobile and IoT

Infinity SOC uses the power of AI to accurately pinpoint real attacks from millions of daily logs and alerts. It enables you to quickly respond to the most severe threats with automated triage and a single-click

Uncover Even the Stealthiest Attacks with 99.9% Precision

Accelerate and Deepen Investigations
With the World’s Most Powerful Threat Intelligence

‘Google search’ any IoC from a centralized portal and quickly get highly processed threat intelligence and unique research data.

Use exclusive investigation tools developed by the Check Point Research Team and used daily to expose and investigate the world’s most dangerous and sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Fueled by the Power of ThreatCloud

Real-time threat intelligence derived from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide, enriched with AI-based engines and exclusive research data from the Check Point Research Team.

Fueled by the power of ThreatCloud

The Power of ThreatCloud


Zero-Day Files Detected Daily



13 Million

Files Emulated

3 Billion

Websites & Files Handled Daily

“With Infinity SOC, we were able to expose infected devices on the network with 99.9% accuracy and remediate before any damage is done. In addition, Infinity SOC was easily deployed as a single unified cloud-based platform which enabled us to increase operational efficiencies and reduce TCO.”

– Kim Moberg, IT Manager, Eurowind Energy

Zero Friction

No Deployment, Integration and Privacy Pains

Use a single, centrally managed SOC platform; Avoid puzzling information from multiple solutions

A non-intrusive implementation that takes less than three minutes. No need to deploy additional endpoint agents.

Avoid costly log storage and privacy concerns with a revolutionary cloud-based event analysis that does not export and store your logs.

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2022 Cyber Security Report

Global cyber pandemic’s magnitude revealed


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