Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

Cloud Email & Collaboration Suite Security

Complete protection for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and all your collaboration and file-sharing apps:

  • Blocks advanced phishing, malware and ransomware attacks before the inbox
  • Protects sensitive business data (DLP) from leaving the organization
  • Prevents account takeover and keeps your users safe
  • Secures all lines of business communication, including Slack and Teams
  • The first solution to implement API, machine learning and AI for email security


* Formerly known as CloudGuard SaaS

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Securing Email Has Changed

Harmony Email & Collaboration reinvented email security in 2015 because traditional gateways couldn’t—and haven’t—adjusted to the cloud.

  • Connects via API
  • Blocks malicious emails before they reach the inbox
  • Acts as a total replacement for SEGs

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WEBINAR: 5 Ways to Stop Business Email Compromise from Crushing Your Business


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Harmony Email & Collaboration

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Full Protection

Complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps.

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Bulletproof Security

An API-based solution that catches what everyone else misses, including ransomware, account takeover, BEC and supply chain attacks

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Superior Catch Rate

99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the inbox
Blocks 30% more than cloud native security

Omdia: Avanan Named Leader in Email Security Space


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Watch the Product Tour

Watch the on-demand video to get a first-hand experience of all the features and capabilities of Harmony Email & Office.


Watch the on-demand video to get a first-hand experience of all the features and capabilities of CloudGuard SaaS.

Live webinar: History, Evolution & Future of Social Engineering

Live Webinar: History, Evolution & Future of Social Engineering

Join us as Maya Horowitz, our VP Research, takes us on a fascinating journey through the most shocking social engineering scams in history, how they evolved to what we see in our mailboxes today, and where it’s all possibly headed in the near future.


What Can a Malicious Email Do?

A single malicious email can wreak havoc on organizations. Watch the most recent email schemes from shocking reveals to COVID-19 related phishing attacks


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Global Chemical Manufacturer Grace Secures Cloud Digital Transformation with Check Point Harmony Solutions

“Grace has deployed Office 365 cloud based email solution…. We were experiencing significant phishing attacks; within three months we were in trouble. We turned to our trusted partner Check Point and deployed Harmony Email & Office. Within an hour we had the product up and running. Within the second hour we had it properly tuned and it was catching emails immediately…”

– David Antlitz, Global Manager, Security and Firewall Technologies, Grace

Gimv secures critical investment data with Check Point Harmony

“We exchange a lot of sensitive data, through a lot of emails…. Data security is critical. It’s not a question of ‘if’ you’re being attacked, it’s ‘when’… We had another provider, but Check Point was the first to introduce a threat emulation feature... It’s a ‘set and forget’ solution, it gives end users the confidence to know that the mail in their mailbox has already passed security checks and is secure”

– Kristof Poppe, IT Manager, Gimv

Canal Bank Secures Email with Check Point Harmony Email & Office

Cloud technology plays an important role in Canal Bank’s strategy… Canal Bank chose Harmony Email & Office, a cloud service that is built specifically to fight cloud email and productivity suite threats… “We have been using Harmony Email & Office for the last year, and during that time we have stopped approximately 1400 phishing attacks”… “The solution also defended us from about 800 malware attacks… Check Point also provides reports that give me thorough visibility into threats targeting our email platform.”

Secure All Your File-Sharing Apps

Harmony Email & Collaboration secures major file-sharing services—Google Drive, ShareFile, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box, Dropbox—from malware, ransomware, east-west attacks and prevents accidental or malicious data loss.

Through dynamic analysis in a scalable, cloud-based virtual environment, all attachments are tested and executed to ensure there is no malicious content. Harmony directly detects malicious behavior and quarantines files before the threat can spread. Custom policy filters allow for per-organization configurations.

Each file is scanned and analyzed by Harmony for malicious links which we then block across all of your file-sharing apps. Every link in every file is measured on both a domain level as well as an individual page level, leveraging several major data sources for URL Block Lists.

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Collaboration Security

Collaboration Security

Collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams aren’t inherently secured, leaving organizations and data exposed. Harmony Email & Collaboration adds our best-in-class security layers that are mandatory to enterprise security: malware protection, URL protection, DLP, compliance tools and more.

Harmony controls access to confidential data, quarantines malicious content and informs users of security events.

Simultaneously, a detailed dashboard updates administrators on security issues with usage within the apps. Harmony logs the total number of users, files, shares, links, logins, channels and threat detections.

Part of Check Point Harmony

The industry’s first unified security solution for users, devices and access

Check Point Harmony consolidates six security products to provide uncompromised protection for remote users in a single solution that is easy to use, manage and buy.


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Find Your Security Gaps in 5 Minutes

Harmony Report Page

Take our online remote workforce security assessment to understand your organization’s security gaps and how to close them, including insights into your:

  • Endpoints’ resilience to ransomware
  • Internet access risk exposure
  • Remote access strategy strength
  • Office 365 and G Suite protection level
  • Vulnerability to mobile-related attacks


5 Must-Have Protections for Office 365 & G Suite

The eighth and final episode takes you through the 5 must-have protections for Office 365 and G Suite in order to combat the recent rise in phishing, malware, data leak, account takeover and internal threats, which is a direct result of the fast adoption of remote work during the COVID-19 crisis.


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ZTNA Buyer’s Guide

Zero Trust essentials for your most valuable assets


Harmony is powered by ThreatCloud

ThreatCloud, the brain behind all of Check Point’s products, combines the latest AI technologies with big data threat intelligence to prevent the most advanced attacks, while reducing false positives.


2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust for the Age of Remote, Cloud and BYOD


Gartner ZTNA Market Guide

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