Staying Safe in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

M1 Future-Proofs Its Infrastructure with Infinity Total Protection Comprehensive Security and Unified Visibility Across Cloud, Network and Endpoints

“Check Point brings us the added security needed to future-proof our technology infrastructure. This also means future-proofing our company to preserve business continuity while focusing on our customers’ experiences and innovation.”
— Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer, M1


M1 is Singapore’s first digital network operator. It provides mobile, fixed line, and fiber services to more than two million customers over its Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network (NGNBN). M1 offers a wide range of mobile and fixed communication services to consumers. Its extensive suite of business services includes symmetrical connectivity solutions of up to 10Gbps, as well as managed, cloud, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and data center solutions.

Business Challenges

Staying on the Leading Edge
With a mission to drive transformation in Singapore’s telecommunications landscape, M1 began with its own digital transformation journey. Not only did the company seek to improve agility, another critical objective was to deliver a holistic, highly personalized customer experience. To achieve these goals, M1 designed its all-digital platform on four fundamental pillars. First, it would be cloud-native for improved scalability, enhanced system performance, and optimized resources. Second, data analytics would be essential to delivering immediate, actionable business insights. Third, automation would optimize integrations with partners and enable customers to efficiently serve themselves. Finally, the platform would enable M1 to efficiently hyper-personalize services and solutions.

M1’s Azure cloud infrastructure now supports everything from its internal systems and tools to customer-facing systems and customer data. Defending these assets against all cyber threat vectors is mission-critical.

“We’re responsible for safeguarding our services, as well as the data of more than two million customers,” said Nathan Bell, Chief Digital Officer for M1. “Cybersecurity is essential. From systems through processes down to the end-customer experience—we must ensure that information is protected in every way.”


Secure By Design
With a leading-edge technology stack in place, M1 knew it needed equally leading-edge protection. The company chose Check Point Infinity Total Protection as an integral part of its “secure-by-design” approach. Infinity Total Protection provides network security hardware and software with fully integrated endpoint, cloud, and mobile defenses. Protection includes the most advanced, real-time threat prevention against zero-day and emerging cyber attacks with 24×7 support and real-time updates.

“Check Point Infinity Total Protection’s cloud-native architecture and approach play a key role in protecting our digital platform,” said Bell. “Infinity Total Protection’s threat intelligence and unified management provide comprehensive security across M1’s networks, Azure cloud, and endpoints.”

With Check Point CloudGuard Network Security, M1 gained immediate protection for its cloud assets and network through a virtual security gateway. Check Point automates and unifies advanced threat intelligence and prevention across all of the company’s environments. Check Point Maestro Hyperscale Network Security enables M1 to seamlessly scale security defenses as—and where—needed with Terabit-per-second throughput. Web applications and APIs that enable third-party partner integration are automatically protected against malicious actors and bot attacks by Check Point CloudGuard Application Security.

Check Point Harmony Email & Office secures essential business applications against phishing attacks and protects users from threats posed by malicious attachments and URLs. Check Point Harmony Endpoint protects all company endpoints, fixed and mobile, against the most imminent threats, such as phishing, ransomware, and malware. If ransomware strikes, Check Point Harmony autonomously detects it and responds to shut it down and remediate data—yet another layer of protection for the company and its customers’ data.

Visibility for Proactive, Actionable Insight
Unified security management and governance helps M1 ensure a secure, high-performing customer and employee experience. Check Point CloudGuard Posture Management automates governance across M1’s multi-cloud assets and services. The security team now can automatically visualize and assess security posture, as well as enforce security best practices and compliance frameworks.

“Check Point Infinity Total Protection was implemented easily and efficiently,” said Bell. “The dedicated Check Point team provided outstanding coordination, best practices, and guidelines. Our implementation experience was seamless.”


Efficiency Through Consolidation
Consolidating security defenses boosted operational efficiency. All network points are protected by autonomous threat prevention with automated orchestration and updating. Best practices can be implemented in a click to proactively defend against the latest threats.

“With Check Point Infinity Total Protection, M1 has been able to consolidate our cybersecurity architecture,” said Bell. “We’re protected against unknown advanced threats, as well as known cyber threats, across all networks, endpoints, cloud, and mobile environments.”

Visibility Enables Greater Agility
Increasing the company’s agility was a primary motivation for digital transformation. Consolidating its cybersecurity architecture saves time for the company’s security team. Automation ensures policy and configuration consistency. Policy management, logging, reporting, and control are managed from a single point. Unified security management also delivers optimized visibility for decision-making. Check Point Infinity Total Protection’s unified console delivers complete visibility of the entire environment.

“Check Point gives us increased visibility for actionable insights,” said Bell. “Not only can we respond immediately to threats, enterprise-wide visibility is in line with M1’s move to provide hyper-personalized services for our customers.”

Protecting the Future
Strong cybersecurity defenses enable M1 to confidently continue on its mission to drive telecommunications transformation across Singapore. In spite of ever-evolving cyber threats, security across the company’s infrastructure, services, and data keeps pace.

“Check Point brings us the added security needed to future-proof our technology infrastructure,” said Bell. “This also means future-proofing our company to preserve business continuity while focusing on our customers’ experiences and innovation.”

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